Wednesday, October 31, 2012

90s Cartoons

The round topic, as assigned, was ..."90's cartoons.  Or maybe Nickelodeon, I don't remember."  So here are 10 questions mostly about 90's Nickelodeon cartoons.

  1. Running from 1998-2005, this Nickelodeon series chronicled the adventures of two animals conjoined so that it ended up having two heads, four forelegs, no tails, and no rear legs.  Despite the horrific premise, the series was actually a slapstick comedy.
  2. Originally airing on Nickelodeon from 1991-1994 starring Futurama’s Billy West as the voice of the title character, this series was revived by Disney for a three year run between 1996-1999 without him.  The series follows the adventures of the middle child of the Funnie family and his pet dog Porkchop, sometimes to the musical stylings of The Beets.
  3. This Nickelodeon series ran from 1996-2004, following the adventures of the titular character and his football shaped head.  Despite this crippling deformity, he is bullied by Helga, who actually possessed a “profound, Shakespearean-in-magnitude love for him for years.” (quoted from the Wikipedia entry)
  4. This series, originally aired on CBS, had a thirteen year run in reruns on Nickelodeon spanning the late eighties and early nineties.  In the cartoon, the titular character was voiced by Don Adams, who played a similar character on TV’s Get Smart.  Matthew Broderick played the titular character in the 1999 live action film, but they at least let Don Adams voice the dog Brain (who actually couldn’t talk.)
  5. This Nickelodeon show about a psychotic chihuahua and a good natured cat ran for 5 seasons in the early to mid nineties.  The show’s creators didn’t want to create an educational show (and they didn’t), so the show was a constant source of controversy for the network due to the violence and harsh language.
  6. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
  7. The title of this show doubles as a slang term for toddlers and younger children and follows the nightmare world of the Pickles, Finster, and DeVille children, in which three year olds can understand and speak to both adults and babies, meaning that all family dynamics run through people in their ‘terrible’ phases.
  8. This Nickelodeon series followed the adventures of a Wallaby who moves from Australia to the US, setting in the fictitious city of O-Town. The series focused on being funny for both children and adults, example being the restaurant Chokey Chicken and the place people go when they die is called Heck, run by Peaches.
  9. The main lines of this WB show were “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and “Gee, [REDACTED], what do you want to do tonight?”  “Same thing we do every night….try to take over the world.”
  10. Take Batman crossed with The Shadow, turn him into a bird, and give him catchy lines like “I am the terror that flaps in the night” and you have this short running ABC/Disney show.

The Answers:
1- Catdog
2- Doug
3-Hey Arnold!
4- Inspector Gadget
5- The Ren and Stimpy Show
6- Spongebob Squarepants
7- Rugrats
8- Rocko's Modern Life
9- Pinky and the Brain
10- Darkwing Duck

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