Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trivia #1-Religion in 140 characters

Religious Retweets

Cobbled this round together on the fly using a kind of hare brained idea.  It did not go over well with the Applebees crowd.  Just name the religion associated with the tweet.  Answers in the comments section.

  1. RT @MaryBakerEddy UR sick ‘cause u don’t have enuf faith. Only FAITH can heal u, NOT SCIENCE!!! 
  2. RT @ConstanPatriarch We were 1st with Jesus, all U others are HERETICS. No Pope rulez me! What’s up with Original Sin? BOGUS. 
  3. RT @LRonHubb The Master was totes a RIPOFF of US!!! Someone should get PT Anderson a REAL auditing. 
  4. RT @Yahweh SHOUT OUT to my Chosen People!!!! Let’s all look forward to a nice Shabbat Friday night!!! 
  5. RT @GuruNanak Reminder, the 5 Ks are important! Carry a comb, wear UR bracelet, do not cut UR hair, carry UR sword, and proper underwear! 
  6. RT @JoeSmithJR Made in the USA!!! Remember to get your ancestors baptized so they can join us in heaven and enjoy the Tabernacle choir! 
  7. RT @Gautama Life is suffering, strive for nothingness. But Can U B nothing while tweeting? Keep to the 8 fold path! 
  8. RT @LaoTzu One should Tweet w/o thought. Tweet without Tweeting. Like a Kardashian, just do without thought and all is well. 
  9. RT @REALProphMo There is no God but God, and I M his prophet. This is my official twitter. All tweets r my own and reflect my employer. 
  10. RT @TheTRINITY Ppl, stop tripping!!!! What part of Love Thy Neighbor is so hard to understand? -The Son

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Joe Meek said...


1- Christian Science
2- Eastern Orthodox Christianity
3- Scientology
4- Judaism
5- Sikhism
6- Mormonism (LDS Church)
7- Buddhism
8- Taoism
9- Islam
10- Christianity